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March For Our Lives: Huge gun-control rallies sweep US

Student-led March For Our Lives events nationwide draw hundreds of thousands of protesters.

Gun marchers: 'Our message to the world is...'

Tens of thousands of people protested in Washington over gun laws. What was their message to the rest of the world?

Arnaud Beltrame: France lauds policeman who swapped with hostage

France mourns an officer who died saving the lives of hostages held by an Islamist gunman.

Vote Leave 'broke spending limits' in Brexit referendum

Brexit activist Shahmir Sanni claims the campaign used the group BeLeave to overspend.

BBC news for Herefordshire

Lorry drivers jailed over fatal M1 crash

Eight people died when the minibus they were travelling in was involved in a crash with two lorries.

Criminal charges brought over Hereford mystery vulnerable man

Roger Curry was found in a bus station car park in 2015 with no knowledge of who he was.

Kiko Matthews breaks Atlantic rowing record

Kiko Matthews traversed the ocean in 50 days - shaving almost a week off the previous record.

Heritage rail line set to unveil Broadway extension

Steam trains are set to return to Broadway, Warwickshire, thanks to a new extension